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Our Company

Denome Technologies is a pre-spin-off stage business unit operating under Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, Singapore. Denome Technologies focuses on developing machine learning algorithms to enhance the current limitations in molecular biology applications and to create simple solutions for gene expression based diagnostic products for human disorders.

Denome Technologies develops solutions to address constraints in existing genome wide expression techniques (RNA-sequencing and microarrays) including high cost, long execution and analysis time and requirement of trained manpower and expensive infrastructure.

Denome Technologies is capable of predicting expression levels of 8000 genes based on the expression level of Denome Core Genes (DCG) using Artificial Intelligence (AI) based machine learning algorithm. Denome prediction algorithm has been trained to uncover the connection between expression levels of different genes using the publically available RNA sequencing datasets. These RNA-seq data sets include 130k human and 170k mouse RNA-seq experiments. Analyses of various types of tissues leverage our system to work in any conditions such as specific treatments and genome editing.

Denome Technology qPCR kit and software is optimized to work in any standard RT-qPCR instruments and only requires basic molecular biology knowledge.


Denome Technologies aims to enhance genome analysis by offering simple, fast and affordable solutions. We would like to transform all basic molecular biology lab into transcriptome analysis center. Our aim is to generate products that enable researchers to perform more detailed genomic analysis to enhance our knowledge in transcriptomics. Eliminating the high cost in transcriptomics analysis will destroy the entry barriers for researchers.